CALLING ALL Business, Marketing, Sales, and Money Coaches: STOP telling your clients to “model” other successful businesses, to just copy what you’ve done, or to follow your exact blueprint… In the end, they will only end up with someone else’s dream, instead of their own ideal business and life.

TRUTHBOMB: There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Business Model.
There Is No “Right” Or “Wrong” Way To Grow A Business.
But When You Know Your Own Unique Super Powers,
You CAN Grow Your Business YOUR Way And Have The EXACT Lifestyle You Want!

Join The Marketing with Archetypes™ Certification Program
and Get Step-By-Step Instructions For How To Help
You And Your Clients Create A Business That Perfectly Aligns
With Their Personality, Preferences, and Lifestyle Desires!

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Hey There fellow SUPERpreneur!

It’s Amanda Goldman-Petri (but feel free to call me AGP).

You know what really wrinkles my superhero cape?

It’s when I see coaches get stuck in businesses they hate, because they think there’s just ONE danged way to market themselves. This happens all the time...

  • They haven’t developed independence as an entrepreneur, so they are just mindlessly following their coaches advice to the “T”, landing them in a business that may make them money, but most certainly doesn’t make them happy
  • They become obsessed with their competitors success and start “modeling” what they see is working, thinking that must be the answer for them too. Only, they end up living someone else’s dream, and leaving their own to be forgotten.
  • They focus so much on making money that they forget success in business is ALSO about the PROCESS of making that money. If you’re not happy with HOW you’re doing business, then what’s the point?
  • They sacrifice their life, their lifestyle, their preferences, and even their personalities, all in the name of hitting some glorified 6 or 7 figure mark…only to end up with a business that doesn’t match them at all.

It’s almost as if they’re building their own cages… and then wondering why they can’t get any farther than the edges of those cages!

Yeah… this all comes from self-imposed limitations that keep them marketing themselves the exact same way – month after month – even though they’re not getting the results they want!

Why is that?

Mostly, it’s because virtually all of the business coaches and ‘gurus” out there are teaching people to market the exact same way. That’s how they learned it from their coaches, and how their coaches learned it from their coaches, and… well, you get the idea.

But here’s the thing: Maybe you’ve noticed that…

We SUPERpreneurs are NOT all exactly the same!

And what a great thing that is, right? I mean, what if everywhere people looked, they ran into carbon-copy coaches and businesses… and that’s all they had to choose from. That would be stupidly boring! (Not to mention, it would be virtually impossible for any of us to compete, keep our sanity, or even survive!)

You’re a unique SUPERpreneur. And that means that you should be using a marketing approach that fits your personality, your goals, your brand, your ideal clients and customers, and everything else. In other words, you need to grow and market your business in alignment with your archetype!

Wait a sec, Amanda… what’s an archetype?

Ok… in the dry, unimaginative “dictionary” sense of the word… an archetype is “a recurrent symbol in literature, art, or mythology.”

“Say what?”

That’s just a super-boring way of saying that an archetype represents a bunch of people with similar traits.

And in case it’s still as clear as mud, let me illustrate in one of my favorite ways… with superheroes!

In the superhero world, there are heroes with similar attributes, attitudes, et cetera… and those attributes, attitudes, and et ceteras form archetypes.

Just to name a few (and yes, I promise I’m going somewhere with this):

The Super-Strong Female Heroine

Butt-kickers like Rogue, Supergirl, and (of course) Wonder Woman!

The Male Assassin/Vigilante

I-make-my-own-rules heroes like The Punisher, Deathstroke, and Deadpool!

The “Walking Wall”

The Thing and the Incredible Hulk come to mind here.

The Archer

Arrow-slinging do-gooders like The Arrow, Green Arrow, Golden Arrow,
Hawkeye, and Kate Bishop!

The Acrobat

Daredevil, the Blue Beetle, and Spider Man, just to name a few.

And that’s just a few of the superhero archetypes. There are Giant Women, Winged Warriors, Shape-Shifters…

“Fine, fine. But what the heck does this have to do with marketing my business?”

It’s pretty simple, really. Two superheroes from different archetypes wouldn’t fight crime the same way, would they?

I mean, Green Arrow isn’t going to smash his way into a villain’s lair to put an end to the chaos, is he? Nope – he’d get turned into a big green puddle! Smashing through walls and pummeling people is more of a Hulk thing, right?

It’s the exact same thing with SUPERpreneurs like you!

You, me, and every other coach, biz owner, and entrepreneur on the planet fit into archetypes too. And just like superheroes, we need to use the right strategies for our particular archetypes.

If we’re marketing the exact same way as everybody else, we’re not reaching our full potential. And that means less money, more stress, and less satisfaction from your biz. Who wants that?

So, to market more effectively (so you can get more of the right clients and customers, and actually run your biz the way you want), you need to do three things.

1. Know your archetype
2. Know what marketing strategies work for your archetype
3. Implement those strategies to scale your business while working less and enjoying what you do more!

That’s why I created the Marketing with Archetypes Certification Program.

I want you to fully own your entrepreneurial superpowers, so that you can stop “playing small” in your business… and start getting the income, joy, and satisfaction you want out of your business. And all that while giving mind-blowing value to your clients and customers, and making a HUGE impact!

“Ok, that makes sense. So tell me about this certification program already!”

Cool! Well, I’ve structured the program around the “Do, Teach, Sell” model so that you can discover your archetype and the marketing strategies that are best suited to rocket your business to the top of your industry or niche… and then do the heroic deed of helping your clients and customers do the same (and get paid for it, of course).

Here’s how it works:

step 1: Do

Here’s where you’re going to discover the power of archetypes, and learn how to leverage the strengths of your own archetype to give your biz a massive boost!

You’ll start by completing the Marketing with Archetypes quiz, which will give you insights into your own business archetype faster than a speeding bullet!

When you get your results, you’ll also get access to the video trainings for your archetype. In these exclusive trainings, you’ll find out exactly how to use your archetype to market in a way that optimizes your success, aligns with your beliefs and goals, and attracts your perfect clients and customers!

But this isn’t just about learning a bunch of cool stuff and then doing
absolutely nothing with it. You’re going to be implementing the marketing strategies you learn in your business right away… so that you can start seeing serious results long before you even complete the program!

step 2: teach

Now that you’ve super-charged your biz by implementing the right marketing strategies for your archetype, it’s time to dive into a 30-day Coach Certification training to help you teach the Marketing with Archetypes material to your own clients and customers!

I want you to be the BEST marketing archetypes coach that your clients have ever seen, so I’ve put a lot of work into making this training easy to learn and implement.

Here’s what we’ll cover during each week of the TEACH phase:

Week 1: We’ll do a complete overview of ALL of the marketing archetypes – you’ll understand how to work with each archetype to help your clients market authentically and powerfully!

Week 2: You’ll find out how to discover your clients’ archetypes, which will take a LOT of guesswork out of helping them market effectively. I’ll even show you how to create your own simple archetypes quiz so that your clients can do most of the “discovery” work on their own!

Week 3: We’ll dive into strategies for coaching your clients based on their archetypes. No matter what kinds of next-gen SUPERpreneurs you’re working with, you’ll have the skills to drive them to success!

Week 4: Here, we’ll dive into the questions your prospective and current clients will ask you again and again. You’ll learn how to address these questions effectively and honestly to build trust (and make your clients love you so much that they tell all their friends about you)! And we’ll also look at some of the “roadblocks” you might run into… and, of course, how to navigate around them!

step 3: sell

You’ve discovered your own marketing archetype and used it to streamline and optimize your marketing. You’ve learned how to teach your clients how to market their businesses according to their own archetypes. Now it’s time to dive into SELLING the Marketing with Archetypes training in your business!

After you complete the TEACH phase, you’ll get a 30-day temporary license to use the Marketing with Archetypes content. And during that 30 days, you’ll be getting easy-to-follow training, plus all the done-for-you scripts, templates, forms, and other tools you need to make selling this training smoother than the bottom of the Silver Surfer’s board!

Here’s the schedule for the SELL phase training:

Week 1: We’ll cover how to integrate the Marketing with Archetypes training into your unique business. We’ll also go over all of the templates, scripts, and tools so that you know exactly know how to use each one!

Week 2: Most business, marketing, sales, and money coaches market their programs without ever considering the legal implications of the promises they’re making, whether explicit or implied. In week 2, we’re going to be RESPONSIBLE and dive into the legal best practices involved with teaching the Marketing with Archetypes training (practices you can then weave into all of your other programs and services)!

Week 3: This is where your SUPERmobile hits the road! You’re going to use what you’ve learned to introduce the Marketing with Archetypes training in your business… and make at least 2 sales! (Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of support and direction from me, my team, and your fellow SUPERpreneurs!)

Week 4: In the final week, we’ll wrap up the training, and you’ll start teaching the Marketing with Archetypes material to your clients! You’ll also be submitting at least one client testimonial (believe me, it’s easier to get testimonials than you think)!

And after that…

I’ll give you 30 days to complete and turn in all of your Certification Assessment Materials. Then I’ll take them to my secret lair, make sure everything is in order, and award you your Marketing With Archetypes Coach Certification!

(By the way, that includes a virtual “badge” you can use on your website, social media pages, or anywhere else to show potential clients that you’re an expert Marketing with Archetypes coach!)

Then, it’s just a matter of signing a simple Licensing Agreement, so that you can rebrand and resell all of the content as your own! (Again, I’ll be providing a complete set of templates and scripts, so it’s not like you have to start from scratch.)

“Certified Marketing with Archetypes Coach - that sounds fancy! But what if I need help along the way?”

Doesn’t it just scuff your shiny superhero boots when you pay good money for a course, and then when you have a question, you’re directed to an anemic “help file” with answers to like three questions that no one in their right mind would ever ask?

Yeah. I’ve been there.

That’s why I’ve made sure you’re getting the support you need during (and after) your Marketing with Archetypes certification program! I’m not going to leave you with your cape hanging in the breeze, wondering the heck you’re supposed to do next!

LIVE Q&A Session

First, I’m going to be holding exclusive group Q&A sessions throughout the program. These are fun, informal calls where we’ll all jump on and clear up anything you and your fellow SUPERpreneurs need to know.

There’s no need to be shy on these calls – I doubt there are ANY questions that I’ve never heard. So ask away. And be sure to listen to everyone else’s questions, too – you’ll probably get some insights that you didn’t even know you needed!

Private Facebook Group

Second, you’re getting LIFETIME private access to our Facebook group just for Marketing with Archetypes certification program members. It’s a safe, positive place to connect with your fellow program members (and, of course, I’ll be popping in from time to time too). Ask and answer questions, form partnerships, find resources, and just chill with some of the coolest marketing nerds this side of Centauri IV!

With these two resources, there’s no reason to ever be stuck for an answer… or to resort to guesswork with implementing archetype marketing in your biz, helping your clients market in alignment with their own archetypes, or selling the Marketing with Archetypes program!

Oh, and I’ve got a little present for you when you get certified...

As my way of congratulating you for achieving something super-useful (and super-nerdy) by earning your Marketing with Archetypes Certification, I’m going to send you a swanky starter pack of Marketing with Archetypes Cards.

These are professionally designed and printed full-size cards that are excellent for handing out at workshops, including with coaching swag, or giving to teleseminar attendees. They’re fantastic for getting clients into your training program… and once you’ve received your certification, I’ll be mailing them right to your door!

Nice, right?

Heck yeah it is!

Now, the question is… will you be one of the lucky coaches holding that snazzy set of cards in your hot little hands?

Break the Mold with the Marketing with Archetypes Certification Program todaY... and help restore integrity to the coaching world!

Do you want to live in a world where clients keep getting taken for a ride because unscrupulous coaches are teaching them “cookie cutter” marketing strategies?

Or do you want your clients to succeed beyond their wildest imaginations… by helping them market in a way that is in tune with their beliefs, talents, and goals?

If you’re ready for real change… in your business and your clients’ businesses… then you owe it to yourself to master the power of marketing archetypes.

In just 2 months, you’re going to revolutionize the way you view marketing… and you’ll never be tempted to use (or teach) a cookie-cutter strategy again. And that, my fellow SUPERpreneur, is something you can be truly proud of!

Right now, you can register for the Marketing with Archetypes program for just…


Count me in, Amanda! I’m sick of cookie-cutter marketing too!

“Uh, I’d love to, but that’s a bit much to drop all at once. Got a payment plan?”

You bet your buns I do! I totally get that your budget might get a little banged up if you paid for the program all at once… and I definitely don’t want to be responsible for that! In fact, I believe in rewarding coaches who manage their finances effectively! (How many coaches do you know who can say that?)

So here’s the deal: If you can see how Marketing Archetypes can help you and your clients build stronger, more prosperous, insanely enjoyable businesses… but you’d rather split up the cost of the program…

I’d like to invite you to register now for just $199, and then make payments of $199 every 30 days for the next 4 months!

Just choose the payment option on the checkout page!

Now, if you crunch the numbers… 5 payments of $199 equals $995 – exactly the price if you paid in full!

Where are the payment fees?

Where are the interest charges?

I told you… I believe in rewarding people who keep a sharp eye on their finances. So I’m not charging you a single penny extra if you take me up on my payment plan.

Seriously… who does that?

Me, that’s who.

Now, you’re getting wake-the-heck-up marketing insights you can use to uplevel your business… plus the opportunity to become a certified coach and resell this game-changing material to your own clients… for less than $200 a month!

You know what to do…

Register Now to Become A
Marketing With Archetypes™ Certified Coach.

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“Ok… so why did you create all of this
(and why should I be listening to you anyway)?”

Like I said before, it really twists my tights when I see coaches spewing a bunch of nonsense and
charging a villainous fortune for it. Especially when it comes to marketing… because the simple fact is, if you haven’t got your marketing down, you don’t have a hope of running a biz that’s profitable, enjoyable, and doesn’t drive you stark raving mad!

I’ve seen coaches charge $5,000 or more for “one size fits all” marketing training that doesn’t really work for anyone at all… and then acting like it’s their clients’ fault when the stuff doesn’t work!

That’s why I decided to create the Marketing with Archetypes program.

I know that, once you understand your archetype and how to use it to market your business, you’ll…

  • Be able to attract motivated, talent clients who really want to work with you… instead of tire-kickers who just wish they could have a Rockstar business!
  • Be a superhero for your clients by giving them real results fast… instead of just charging them out the yin-yang for a bunch of empty fluff like most coaches do!
  • Be able to charge the fees you really deserve, because you’re known for delivering the real-deal wisdom and helping your clients use it to make BIG leaps in their own businesses!
  • Be known as the “go-to” authority in your niche or industry!
  • Get glowing testimonials and ready-to-sign referrals, so you never have to worry about finding clients again!
  • Be able to truly enjoy your business, because you know that you’re making a HUGE impact on your clients’ lives!

In short, I want to bring superhero-style change to the coaching industry. I believe in justice – for coaches, for clients, and the people they serve. And I won’t rest until the coaching world is once again a place where people can expect value, integrity, and coaches who actually care about their success!

Now, as for why you should listen to me…

*Throws back superhero cape in dramatic fashion*

You’ve probably met (or read up on) coaches who look like they just started their businesses yesterday… and for a lot of these folks, that’s probably not all that far off.

I’m not one of those coaches.

I’ve helped coaches and business owners from around the globe (seriously – 6 out of 7 continents… and that’s just because Antarctic polar bears make terrible marketers). To be precise, I’ve had clients from 32 different countries!

But that’s not what’s most important. Here’s what is: I’ve helped my clients go from zero to 6- and even 7-figures by giving them what no one else in the industry will – proven, repeatable systems to:

  • Market their businesses effectively with minimal wasted time and money
  • Create automated income streams that eliminate “slumps” and let coaches live the lifestyles they’ve always dreamed of
  • Attract their ideal clients – people who are ready for change, motivated to do the work it takes to get there, and able to pay the fees my clients deserve
  • Generate tangible, rapid results for their clients… so that they build loyalty, authority, and trust
  • Generate referrals and testimonials virtually on demand… which eliminates the “gotta find new clients” scramble
  • And much, MUCH more!

In a recent run of one of my most popular training programs, the coaches I worked with generated a jaw-dropping $661,000… and that was within a 60 day period!

In another program, 94% of the coaches who signed up had generated at least $1,000 – and some of them really rocked it by banking as much as $40,000 – in just the first 3 weeks of the program!

And one of my clients who completed the program and received her certification taught my material to some of her own clients… one of which used the insights to bank $175,000! (That’s a killer testimonial if I ever saw one!)

I could go on and on. In fact, if you shoot me an email, I’ll even send you screenshots of my clients’ earnings

But the point is, coaches and biz owners come to me because I deliver results! To me, there’s no other reason to be doing this.

So when you register for the Marketing with Archetypes Certification Progam, you can bet that

I’m going to do everything in my power not only to help you get better marketing results in your own biz… but to help your own clients implement these concepts and strategies too! 

In fact…

Here’s my personal guarantee and pledge to you…

I’m so confident that this is the perfect certification program for you, and I insist on giving you my Excelsior pledge and guarantee: I will do whatever it takes to be approachable, reliable, and reachable. It doesn’t do any good to have a coach throw a bunch of information at you and expect you to figure it all out for yourself. I believe that it’s my duty and privilege to help you achieve real results in your business. So you don’t have to worry about me disappearing on you when you need help – I’m here to help you become the SUPERpreneur you truly deserve to be!

I can’t wait to start helping you harness the power of marketing archetypes!


P.S.: If you’re like a lot of coaches, you’re probably wondering if you have time to devote to this program… even though you really, really want to jump in and get this certification. Relax. I’ve structured everything so you can master the concepts and strategies with just a few minutes of “work” per day. In fact, I’d say that you probably spend way more time stressing out about your coaching biz right now than you’ll spend on the simple, done-for-you training inside this program! Wouldn’t your “stress-out” time be better spent on something that can give you a more enjoyable, profitable business? Sure it would! So get that registration done already!

P.P.S.: I’m sure you see at least a half-dozen courses and training programs every day. So you might be asking whether this is where you should spend your time. I get it – you’re trying to build a coaching business, so you don’t want to get distracted. Well, I can tell you that Marketing with Archetypes will put you leagues above other coaches in your niche… AND give you a reliable income stream (which is nice when you’re dealing with those financial fluctuations. And given the minimal time investment, this program can give you serious ROI almost immediately! So yeah… Marketing with Archetypes is definitely worth your time. Get registered today!

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